EmpowerUS India

Simulated Ultrasound Training

Why EmpowerUS

EmpowerUS India’s endeavour is to train medical professionals learn or upgrade their ultrasound scanning skills using state-of-the-art, latest generation in simulation and skills from the best faculty.

Once doctors complete their formal medical schooling, there is hardly any structured skill-based training available to them. EmpowerUS curated hands-on ultrasound courses will help bridge this gap between knowledge and skills for beginners as well as experienced practitioners

Our Aim and mission

Enhance the skills and knowledge of obstetrics and gynaecological ultrasound in practitioners and trainees at all levels.

In this era of rapid scientific advancements and rising medico-legal litigations, it becomes critical for doctors to constantly upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills for better and safer career prospects.

Our Directors

Dr Anita Kaul

Rakesh Rai