Exclusive organ-specific approach for effective education

Beginners can benefit from scanning a given ultrasound case freely, without discomforting a patient, and with no time constraints. Its your personal ultrasound scanning learning system with real ultrasound cases.


A sophisticated real-time supervisor guides the user as if a real professor were actually present. It instructs with clear voices commands, animations and graphic feedback to visualise how to achieve the target plane


OPUS provides a sophisticated scoring program which takes into consideration the time spent, image precision, distance traveled, and amount of rotations to achieve the goal.


currently on offer

First Trimester Scan

Fetal Echo

Anomaly or Mid-Trim Scan

Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology

Features and benefits

  • Simulation by exclusive optical system
  • Transabdominal and Transvaginal Transducer
  • 6 degrees of freedom of the hand
  • Real cases, not simulated
  • Learning curve tracking with Metrics and Statistics
  • High resolution simulation in real time
  • GPS assistant
  • Green Flag method of self-assessment and automatic certification
  • Courses available in the online Cloud
  • Open platform for the creation of customized courses

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Demo / Video


November 21, 2017

ISUOG Just Taught its First-Ever “BT” Practical Course Using Volutracer O.P.U.S. in ONLINE Modality

Attendees from All Over the World Took Part of the Novel Experience at the Same Time! Last weekend, 20 participants from Belgium, Holland, Ghana, Lebanon, and many other countries performed supervised obstetric and gynecological ultrasound simulation practices, each plugged in from his or her corner of the world in real time....


November 21, 2017

Prof. Malinger Teaches about CMV Using Volutracer OPUS

 ISUOG’s Webinars Thrive Again Thanks to the Transvaginal Simulators Prof. Gustavo Malinger has given an advanced CMV lecture at the recent ISUOG Webinar. The Cytomegalovirus, better known as CMV, clinically called , is a crucial topic and thus, was also covered by the professor during the 7th Fetal...


November 21, 2017

ISUOG Will Implement the Six-Step Approach During a Distance Learning Session

An Adaptation by Doctors Prof. Titia Overbeek Cohen and Prof. Ingrid Brussé from Erasmus University MC, Netherlands The International Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) will dictate the course “The 6-Step Approach” and other BT (Basic Training) content using 20 Volutracer OPUS ultrasound simulators. This innovative educational platform allows students...


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