Dr Supriya Seshadri

Dr Supriya Seshadri is a Consultant Sonologist in Fetal Medicine and Gynecological
ultrasound, with 18+ years’ experience in the same.

She holds University degrees i.e Masters degree in obstetrics & Gynecology, and a
Fellowship in Materno-Fetal Medicine. Currently she serves as a Senior Consultant in Fetal
and Gyn US at Bangalore Fetal Medicine Centre, and Milann Fertility Centre, Bangalore.

She is the scientific coordinator and expert trainer for Simulator-based training in fetal and
Gyn ultrasound and has conducted several courses and workshops since 2017, on different
kinds of Simulators (OPUS, Medaphor, Sonosim, and GE US Simulator). 3D application
(laptop based) integrated into 2D Gyn (on OPUS simulator) is her forte.

She is also a member of ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics &
Gynecology) Task Force for Online Education (Intermediate Curriculum) and has undertaken
content writing for a chapter for Basic Training e-learning.

Her additional competence is clinical support to machine learning and artificial intelligence
for Obs and Gyn applications, including image curation for adnexal masses in accordance
with IOTA principles.

She won the 3 rd place world-wide in IOTA Case contest in June 2021.

She was the editor for e-newsletter “fetologue” (2016-17).

Special interests: 3D/4D in fetal and Gyn US, Simulator based training in fetal & Gyn US,
content writing/proof-reading, and machine learning for Obs & Gyn applications.