Successful completion of Integrated Basic Course on Ultrasound (US) & Infertility

A glimpse of an innovative workshop where students were taught how to interpret findings on the infertility scan with clinical know -how skills to ensure a successful conception.

Both aspects were covered by experts in their respective fields, Dr Supriya Seshadri (Gynae and sub-fertility ultrasound) and Dr Sunita Arora( Infertility Expert, Bloom IVF )

The small group which came together from Arunachal, Ooty to Kanpur were seriously committed to learning and took full advantage of the one-to-one interaction between the faculty and delegates and the extensive hands-on ultrasound experience provided on the OPUS simulators.

To sum up in the words of the delegates – “beautiful narrations”, “really good” and of course the thank-you’s that came along from all concerned.

It is a satisfying experience to know that high standards of infertility training are reaching so many smaller corners of India.

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