ISUOG Just Taught its First-Ever “BT” Practical Course Using Volutracer O.P.U.S. in ONLINE Modality

Attendees from All Over the World Took Part of the Novel Experience at the Same Time!

Last weekend, 20 participants from Belgium, Holland, Ghana, Lebanon, and many other countries performed supervised obstetric and gynecological ultrasound simulation practices, each plugged in from his or her corner of the world in real time.

ISUOG BT’s Director Gihad Chalouhi from France and Professors Suresh Seshadri from India, Shabnam Bobdiwala from the United Kingdom, Catalina Valencia from Colombia, and Mauricio Herrera also from Colombia were the ones who gave the theoretical-practical lectures and evaluated the students in 7-hour sessions each day.

The first day, Saturday 17, they went over ISUOG’s official scanning approaches: The 20 + 2 Planes Approach to the Routine Mid-Trimester ScanThe 6-steps ApproachFetal and Gynecological Ultrasound, among other subjects. The professors used their Volutracer OPUS simulators to showcase each step of the scanning process: the sequence of hand movements one must do while holding the transducer to reach each target plane, the measuring of the resulting image, and the final interpretation.

Next day, Chalouhi, Suresh, and Shabnam lead live practical sessions with all the students divided into two virtual rooms. The method was fully interactive: the students shared their screens and were evaluated and guided by the professors in real time.

To top off this original initiative by ISUOG, the students will have to compete in a contest: the OPUS Academy 10-Strike Challenge. The winner will receive an honorable mention on ISUOG’s webpage and a journal membership.

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