Prof. Malinger Teaches about CMV Using Volutracer OPUS

ISUOG’s Webinars Thrive Again Thanks to the Transvaginal Simulators

Prof. Gustavo Malinger has given an advanced CMV lecture at the recent ISUOG Webinar. The Cytomegalovirus, better known as CMV, clinically called , is a crucial topic and thus, was also covered by the professor during the 7th Fetal Neurosonography Masterclass which took place in spite of the 2020’s wave of quarantines, in virtual modality! For the first time, his students were able to perform ultrasound practices at home, using Volutracer OPUS transvaginal simulators.

Play the video to relive the experience and results of this innovative modality or click on the button below to watch it on YouTube!


Let’s Go!

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