ISUOG’s First-Ever “at Home” Hands-on Ultrasound Simulation Course

Twenty Participants Will Scan with Volutracer OPUS Simulators Sent to Their Doorsteps!

The ISUOG BT program will be taking place on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July 2021 via livestream.This theoretical and practical course will cover the essentials of an obstetric and gynecological ultrasound. The course is suitable for those new to ultrasound in Ob/Gyn who want to build on their knowledge and practise under the guidance of international experts, with Volutracer OPUS simulators, in the comfort of their home.

Day one  offered worldwide: international experts will lecture on interpreting heart views, the 6-step approach, and distinguishing between normal and abnormal appearances of the skull and brain. The experts will perform a live demonstration using Volutracer OPUS simulators, showcasing how you can practise to obtain these planes and accomplish an anomaly scan.

Day two  for Belgian residents only: the course will grant twenty participants this year selected in Belgium the chance to practice with their Volutracer OPUS simulators, live and from their homes.

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